new book is here - budgeting doesn't have to suck

Today (2 October 2020) is launch day! Yesterday we did a soft launch for Budgeting Doesn’t Have to Suck to make sure everything was working. In less than 24-hours the book nearly hit #1 in New Releases! And how awesome to have a few reader reviews already!

new book is here - budgeting doesn't have to suck for young adults who want more money 2nd edition

But today is the official launch day! This is a fresh new version; an expanded second edition. So much new content and a new subtitle to reflect that.

This could be one of the best money books out there. The editors in NYC and I worked extremely hard to get it down to 100-pages that can be consumed quickly while delivering tons of value on every single page.

In just one hour, here are some of the things this book will teach you:

  • How not to feel guilty about spending on what you love
  • How to rediscover what you value most in life
  • How improving yourself leads to better luck
  • How to grow your income
  • The best budgeting tools for you
  • How to invest and what to do to make it really simple
  • How automation will lead you to financial success
  • How to get more money and be happier
  • What to do if you have nothing and are struggling

I am also trying something for anyone who cannot afford the $9 right now…

If you cannot afford the $9 right now, I will give you an eBook version (PDF) for free. An honest review of the book, anywhere online, is all that is requested in return.

Simply email me using the contact form on this website with a brief note stating that you would like the book for free and myself or someone on my team will get you a copy.

We’re so close to becoming an Amazon best-seller!

If the latest reports are correct, Budgeting Doesn’t Have to Suck needs about 125 more copies in the next 12 hours to reach #1 on Amazon.

If anything I have ever written or released has helped you in any way, you will love this book. It is as much about personal finance and budgeting as it is about life and being happier. A lot of unique content to help you be better.

Click here to get a copy for yourself and the young adults in your life. And really anyone who has one hour to learn a lot more about money and being happy. It makes a smart gift for recent graduates too.

Thank you for reading this far. I know your time is extremely valuable. Hope to be celebrating the book reaching #1 on Amazon with you next week on my social channels!

Only the Best,

Jim Miller

P.S. – The charts are already moving again and emails are coming in. Very grateful to be experiencing this! Now go get your copy!

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