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Earlier this month, I was a guest on the Main St. Finance podcast with host Alex. The episode is called “Budgeting from Zero” with Jim Miller on Main St. Finance.

Alex’s audience and show are focused on budgeting and saving money. While my work focuses more on growth and improvement, it was a great opportunity to share my strategies on what people should do when they’re starting out or having a challenging time. In other words, budgeting from zero. 

If your personal finances are not where they need to be, or if you just love the sound of my voice, this 30 minute episode is for you. Bonus points if you can tell me what “hot diggity” means. Let me know in the comments.

Episode 37 – Budgeting from Zero with Jim Miller

“Jim Miller joins me on the show today to talk about budgeting. This week, Jim is going to take us through several topics in his recent book “Budgeting Doesn’t Have to Suck” and cover some practical tips to help with the ins and outs of putting our budget into practice.”

Taken from the Main St. Finance podcast page

Click to listen to Jim Miller on Main St. Finance on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, iHeart Radio, Audible or your favorite podcast platform. All info on Jim’s book can be found at this link.

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