Stuff I Think Is Cool

This is a list of stuff I think is cool. There are so many sources, review sites and opinions that it can be difficult to know who or what to trust. Initially I was going to buy a domain like or and list the best of everything for you there. But other people had that idea covered. Instead, I am making a list of the things that I truly use and feel good recommending.

Enjoy the list and I hope it helps! I will be sure to keep it updated too.


Gusto: The absolute best payroll, onboarding and HR software in the universe.

QuickBooks: The software of choice for many of our clients. We also increasingly like and use Xero. Can be used like PayPal. We use it for all international payments and transfers.

If you’re a Mac user, the CleanMyMac app is an amazing tool. It has a ton of features, protects your computer, tells you when memory is low and can fix or clean all of these things with the push of a button. I don’t like adding app’s to my computer, but this one is a game changer and isn’t annoying. Use my link for 30% off.

Canva: The ultimate web-based design tool. I use this daily for social media posts, logos, graphics… everything.

WordPress: All of my websites are built on WordPress. I use DreamHost as my host and registrar. Love them both.

MailChimp: The email marketing and list building experts. High on my list of stuff I think is cool.

Brain Power

This mushroom-based coffee tastes exactly like regular coffee, but with low caffeine. I’m not a big caffeine person, so I add some ice cubes to chill it out even further. And it contains Lion’s Mane to naturally get your brain lit up.

Ascent protein is what I usually consume each morning instead of solid food. There is a lot of science to eating less and this protein is 25g protein per scoop, 5.7g of naturally occurring BCAAs, and a clean/minimal ingredient panel. Athletic Greens is also something I am experimenting with. Feeling amazing! Click that link for free stuff from them.

We love to cook in my household, but we’re also very busy. We started having Factor handle dinner for our busiest two days of each week. Healthy, chef-made meals show up on your doorstep for less than what you would pay at a restaurant. Click here for free stuff when you place your first order.

You can learn more about my morning/evening routine here. Routines definitely fall into the category of stuff I think is cool. The “getting dressed” part of my morning routine can be found within my alma mater Dollar Shave Club.


Uplift Desk: This is a must if you work from home. It’s super solid, has amazing assembly instructions (took me 30-minutes) and is healthy to use when you want to stand a bit.

SimpliSafe: We’ve used SimpliSafe for home and business security for years. Definitely the best system out there, super-fast service, easy to install and other nice feature benefits. Click to give them a shot.

Chair: Another must if you work from home (WFH) is a quality desk chair. When you’re not standing at your desk, you want to be comfortable so you can focus. And not to be distracted by back pain or a flimsy chair that reclines at a 90 degree angle when you lean back.

An iMac with the largest screen you can afford, such as this guy. Or save money by hooking up a large external monitor to your existing laptop or Mac Mini.

This LED desk lamp works as both a desk lamp and a selfie or video light if you point it at your face.

Printer: Maybe I was behind the times, but my life changed when I got this wireless printer made by HP. The phone app makes everything super easy and offers free crafts for kids that you can print too.

top business books

Essential Books

Budgeting Doesn’t Have to Suck: For Young Adults Who Want More Money: Of course I have to plug my own book! If you don’t want to sift through a 300+ page personal finance book, but still want all of the info and more actionable advice, this is the book for you and your loved ones.

Honestly, there are too many to name. Above is a panorama of my favorite non-fiction bookshelf. My book is in there and I highly recommend any of the others.

Hope you liked my list of stuff I think is cool. Transparency is important to me, so know that some of the included products and links mentioned here are affiliate-based. This allows me, at no additional cost to you, to earn a few cents (maybe a little more sometimes) if you decide to purchase something. Keep in mind that I only recommend items I personally stand behind and actually use myself.

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