Video: Non-Financial Ways to Get More Money

Jim Miller Rand Rick Orford - Non Financial Ways to Get More Money - Ask The Experts - EP-17

I was recently a guest on “Ask the Experts” with Rick Orford. The 15-minute episode is called “Non-Financial Ways to Get More Money.” I talk about how things like exercise, reading, networking, eating healthy, setting goals and waking up early will improve your luck and connect you with an exponentially brighter financial future.

Budgeting, side hustles, automating saving and investing, growing income… all great concepts. But without a focus on the non-financial ways to get more money, you will struggle. Getting healthy and organized doesn’t have to suck. I hope you check out the short video podcast below.

Rick Orford is an author, finance writer, entrepreneur and much more. His recent work has appeared in several high-ranking media placements, including Good Morning America, Washington Post, Yahoo Finance, NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC News. 

Click below to watch the episode. All info on Jim’s book can be found at this link.

Rick Orford: Ask The Experts

“In this episode of Ask The Experts, I speak with Jim Miller about non financial ways to get more money.”

Taken from the The Financially Independent Millennial video podcast page
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