Podcast: Jim Miller on Bookthinkers

jim miller on bookthinkers podcast

I was recently a guest on the Bookthinkers: Life Changing Books podcast with Nick Hutchison, the World’s #1 Personal Development Book Podcast.

The episode is aptly named Jim Miller: Author of Budgeting Doesn’t Have to Suck and we cover a range of popular topics from food to exercise and yes, money too. This excerpt from the show notes say it best:

Our conversation today is all about his book, Budgeting Doesn’t Have to Suck. We talked about alternative ways to view budgeting and some fun and creative ways to reevaluate your current spending. This is not a boring conversation about the ins and outs of maintaining a budgeting spreadsheet or anything like that. Please enjoy this amazing conversation with Jim Miller.

Taken from the show’s Apple Podcast Page

Give it a listen now. You can watch the video by scrolling down below or visit here to check out our episode #64 on whatever platform you choose. (They have one-click links to all of the options).

They have hundreds of thousands of followers and all of their social media channels are at the bottom of that last link. Their Instagram is really inspiring and I get lots of great book ideas from their suggestions.

So click here, start with episode #64, and give them a follow. You can also watch below without having to go anywhere. And here is the link to the book.

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