Why I Bring My Lunch To Work and Why You Should Too


Anyone who reads my articles knows that I don’t talk about coupons or groceries or saving for retirement. My ambition is simply to get people to budget and proving that it doesn’t have to suck if they follow my unique Value Proposition method of budgeting, so that their lives are better.

With that said, what I’m going to share with you today will have such a positive impact on every part of your life that an exception needs to be made.

The Work Lunch

I don’t need to tell you that bringing your lunch to work, or into your home office, can be beneficial to your financial future. The money you spend on burritos and high-calorie salads at “that place” by your office could be used instead for risky (and often highly profitable) stock investing. Or savings. Or Vegas!

If you spend $8 per day, and an hour of your valuable time, going out to eat each day, and the average lunch made from home costs less than $4 per day, and if you work just 280 days per year, you will save over one thousand dollars per year. And in most big cities, such as where I live in Los Angeles, you can easily save $2,000 USD or more per year.

More than that though, bringing your lunch to work means you are in control of what you’re eating. Instead of spending your lunch in transit or waiting for sub-par food, you can spend it taking a walk around the block or getting more work done… that’s a big deal no matter who you are. There is no downside here.

Tired of Turkey Sandwiches?

One of the challenges is that you become quickly tired of whatever you make. I’m one of those people that can eat the same thing and not care, but after four years of a wide variety of turkey sandwiches, I reached my breaking point. And so I’m going to introduce you to my solution.

The World’s Best Mediterranean Wrap

In another first on Jim Miller’s World, I am going to put on my chef’s hat for a couple of paragraphs here. Buy some wraps! I buy the high-fiber La Tortilla Factory variety and love them. Add some hummus, tabbouleh and then whatever protein you want.

Last week I went avocado. The week before I had some leftover white beans that I threw on there. Sometimes I’ll shred some leftover chicken and tomatoes or tuna… whatever you like. It’s inexpensive, super healthy and best of all… diverse. Aside from eating “something” every couple hours for my metabolism, I’ll be riding the Mediterranean train for a long time to come.

Save Money, Enjoy Your Lunch, Be Happy

So that’s my financial (and health) advice for the week. Also, I’m not completely crazy. I like to take one day every couple of weeks to go out and have lunch with co-workers or for a meeting. After all, what would life be without moderation? #burritotime

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